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The BPSO web site gathers no information about its visitors. Any e-mail received by the webmaster is deleted as soon as a response has been made.

About Us

The bpso.org web site is maintained by a founding member of the bpso mailing list, married more than 30 years to a woman diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The mailing list is managed by a volunteer from among the list membership. The web site and the mailing list are separate but closely related ventures.

The original content of this web site is based on the personal experience of its owner, and insights acquired from participating in the bpso mailing list for more than a decade. The owner of this web site is not a doctor or psychiatric health care professional. The information presented here is offered in good faith, in the hope that it will be helpful to those who want to educate themselves about bipolar disorder and its effect on their relationships. Information about the origin, diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorder should be sought from licensed professionals. Our focus here is on the impact of bipolar disorder on relationships.

Advertising is provided by Google and Amazon.com. The ads displayed are selected by these companies at their sole discretion. BPSO does not necessarily recommend or endorse any of the products and services advertised. BPSO receives no money from any individual, organization, charity or commercial enterprise beyond what may come to us through these ad placements. In 2009 the ads generated about $625, and in 2010 about $920, which is sufficient to offset the cost of the web site and provide small honorariums to the webmaster and list manager.
March 12, 2010